Livre sur le traitement des varices (CHIVA)Principles of Venous Hemodynamics

By Claude Franceschi (Saint Joseph and Pitie Salpetriere Hospitals, France) and Paolo Zamboni (University of Ferrara, Italy)


Treatment of varicose veins based on hemodynamic considerations and especially the CHIVA concept have influenced phlebology for more than a decade. These ideas are not historical but are also a part of new treatment concepts including sclerotherapy and modified surgical procedures. Pre-treatment duplex investigation has become the gold standard. Today, more than ever before, there is a lively discussion and a lot of controversies on how to treat varicose veins best. In the moment there is no definite answer to this question based on published prospective comparative studies.Many questions still remain open and hopefully may be answered in the near future. In these discussions hemodynamic based treatment is always an issue. The chapters of this book are not only well illustrated with excellent color pictures but also based on the actual literature. This book is a mandatory reading for every phlebologist, may she or he be performing CHIVA treatment or not. It is the basis for a better understanding of this concept and for fruitful discussions on the best way of treating varicose veins in the future.

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Livre sur le traitement des varices (CHIVA)THEORIE ET PRATIQUE DE LA CURE C.H.I.V.A.

De Claude Franceschi (Saint Joseph and Pitie, Salpetriere Hospitals, France) Paolo Zamboni (University of Ferrara, Italy)

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