WHY is C.H.I.V.A better?

There are many advantages of the conservative approach compared to surgical stripping of veins or other destructive techniques. First of all, the conservative approach is personalized and carefully considers individual variations.

In addition, the conservative approach conserves the main veins, which is important because the saphenous veins are the most commonly used in emergency coronary bypass or limb emergency vascular surgery.

Veins structure also improve in response to the changes in hemodynamic obtained by the C.H.I.V.A. treatment.

Also, unlike stripping, conservative treatment corrects the blood flow without destruction and prevents trauma to nerves and the lymphatic system.

Furthermore, very small incisions (2 mm) are made, and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia so that there is very little trauma and a good aesthetic result.

Reduced trauma to the body allows the procedure to be performed on the elderly or people in poor general condition.

Because of the nature of the treatment, conservative surgery allows additional treatments to be made if the disease progresses and it allows concurrent removal of secondary veins (phlebectomy) for an improved aesthetic result.

Conservative treatment is particularly effective for treating varicose vein-related skin complications such as ulcers and dermatitis. Finally, there is no loss of work or social activity; there are less recurrences than in traditional destructive techniques and the technique is less expensive.